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Social Security Disability Lawyers in Cincinnati, OH

At Kapor Davis Law, we provide premier legal services to clients who need professional legal assistance. We closely examine all of the facts and assemble the best case for you. Then, we take the necessary steps to win your case and deliver the results you deserve.  


Professional Counsel, You Can Count on In Social Security Disability Claims

We are Social Security Disability Attorneys, Cincinnati, OH, who have represented and advised on cases for Social Security Disability (SSD) for almost 40 years.

Our SSD lawyers have the legal knowledge and expertise necessary to win a case and pursue benefits due to you. Our clients trust us. Local physicians, organizations and the entire legal community know and respect our integrity, reliability, and high success rate.

We can help you with issues involving:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD)

If in the past, you had: (1) steady employment (2) tax deductions on your checks, and you now cannot work due to mental or physical impairments, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Suppose you have a disability, cannot work, and the income in your Cincinnati household falls under a certain level. If that is the case, you may qualify for SSI benefits. Even if you have not worked a regular job in the last few years, you may still be eligible for benefits. 

The Administrative Process

The SSD process is time-consuming and there are multiple steps you have to take including; medical evaluations, case reviews at the SSA, and write-ups of the decision by the judge's office. This process can often confuse the average person, making it crucial to contact a qualified attorney in Cincinnati who can explain what is going on and ensure steps are not overlooked.

The prehearing process has several steps:

The Initial Application

You can apply for Social security Disability Benefits and Supplemental Security Income in three ways:

1)  By phone at 1-800-772-1213

2)  Online at SSA.GOV

3)  Schedule an appointment with a SS (Social Security) administrator and apply in person

At Kapor Davis, SSDI Disability Lawyers, Cincinnati, we advise you to apply for disability with physical or mental disability lawyers as soon as possible. The sooner you apply, the faster we can help you achieve your objective. If you delay your application, it may negatively affect your backdated benefits. Your unemployment period does not affect your application.


After a claim rejection, you have 60 days to request a reconsideration via a social security disability attorney. You can submit additional medical evidence, and another doctor can re-evaluate your claim.

 At Kapor Davis, we submit the request and the medical evidence on your behalf. Any information regarding your claim from the SSA (Social Security Administration) will come to us. We ensure you stay updated on the case and don't miss any deadlines.


After reconsideration of the denial, the next step is requesting a hearing. After getting a hearing date, the SSA will inform us of the scheduled date and time. We have filed this hearing request on your behalf. Our attorneys also request and submit your medical evidence and let you know the time and date of the hearing.

Post Hearing

After the hearing, you receive a decision on the claim. The decision could be favorable, partially favorable, or turn out unfavorable. If the decision is unfavorable or partially favorable, you can file an appeal. As your Social Security Disability lawyers in Cincinnati, OH, we filed the relevant paperwork on your behalf.

Federal Appeal

We do not appeal federally. We refer clients to top federal attorneys with excellent expertise in the field. If your case gets to this point, our team ensures that we place you in good hands.

We specialize in advising & representing residents of Cincinnati & surrounding areas on Social Security Disability matters. Call us today at (513) 721-2820 or contact us by filling out this form.

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to work personally with every client

A strong attorney-client relationship is essential for a successful outcome. Other firms rely on non-attorney representatives to represent their clients. When you work with us, you will hire a licensed attorney devoted exclusively to this area of practice. 

Our longtime presence in the community

Our firm has been located in the greater Cincinnati region for nearly 40 years. We are trusted by clients throughout the region and we are well known by organizations, physicians, and within the legal community for our success rate, reliability, and integrity.

Our track record of success in this area of law

Our practice works exclusively on disability claims. We have a track record of success based upon direct client contact, meticulous case development, and nearly 40 years of experience. Our law firm has a significantly higher grant rate than the national average.

Our devoted and caring approach towards your claim

The attorneys and staff at Kapor | Davis & Associates are mindful of the difficulties faced by our clients and their families. We make every effort to successfully and efficiently help you navigate the administrative process. 

A Note From The Founder

I am David Kapor – a Social Security Disability lawyer near Cincinnati, Oh For nearly 40 years, I have helped disabled boilermakers, nurses, pipe-fitters, office workers, ironworkers, veterans, carpenters, electricians, paper workers, union members, and other workers throughout southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana obtain the benefits they deserve. At Kapor | Davis & Associates, clients seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can tap into our 40 plus years of experience. You can rely on our knowledge and dedication with the confidence that we will work hard to get you the benefits you deserve.

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