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Reasons To Hire An Attorney To Represent You

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Does hiring an attorney representative really increase the odds of getting benefits? We'll break it down for you.

If you or someone you know has ever applied for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, you are probably familiar with what feels like an endless cascade of denials.

You are not imagining it, and you aren't alone. At the initial level, approval rates are approximately 33%. At Reconsideration - where you have appealed that initial decision - approval rates are even lower at 13%.

Try not to be discouraged by these numbers. More often than not, these decisions don't mean that you can't be found disabled. They usually mean that the Social Security Administration doesn't have enough medical evidence to prove your case.

While all of these denials and appeals may seem daunting, they are well worth it. The sooner you file an appeal on your Reconsideration decision, the quicker you can get scheduled for a hearing, where approval rates are 62% - significantly higher than at previous levels.


These statistics are even more promising when you hire an attorney. When you hire representation, you are 2x more likely to get approved than if you represented yourself. Why is that?

When you hire an attorney they will:

  • ensure all of your medical evidence is gathered, submitted, and appropriately updated for evaluation

  • prepare you for your hearing, making sure you are comfortable with all lines of questioning

  • have a thorough knowledge of local Administrative Law Judges and their focuses during a hearing

  • keep track of deadlines and appointments so that nothing gets missed

At Kapor | Davis & Associates, our approval rates exceed the national average. In 2019, our approval rate was 73.1% compared to the 62% national average. Our firm focuses on individualized service. Not only do we provide you with total access to the attorney and paralegal who will be working up your case, we provide you with consistent updates so you are aware of what is going on in the process of your claim. We thoroughly review your medical evidence, walk you through the questioning before your hearing, and advocate for you in front of the judge. With us, you won’t be alone while navigating this process.

Kapor Davis & Associates would love to help you out with your claim for Social Security Disability! If you are in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area and have any questions about your claim or about hiring us as your representatives, feel free to contact us.

Updated: Feb/1/2022

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