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Trades such as carpentry and steel working are both physically and mentally demanding professions. All too often, the hardworking men and women who build and repair the infrastructure we all rely on here in the Cincinnati area become physically impaired after years of skilled, strenuous labor. Many are no longer able to keep up an eight-hour-a-day, five-to-seven-days-a-week regiment. When it comes time for ailing workers to file claims for long-term disability benefits, including Social Security Disability insurance, they deserve full consideration and respect. Unfortunately, they often encounter roadblocks.

Have you found yourself in this position now that you suffer from a neck injury, knee injury, back injury or a heart disease? Decades of hard work have taken their toll. You have been faithfully paying into the system all this time. Now it is your turn for a fair evaluation of your claim for disability benefits.

Your Impairment Does Not Have To Be Job-Related To Qualify You For Benefits

Your disability — such as diabetes — may be seemingly unrelated to your job. That will matter if you file a claim for workers' compensation and it may matter in the case of long-term disability insurance through your employer, but it is not an eligibility factor for Social Security Disability (SSD).

To succeed with a claim for SSD benefits, you will need to show that your injury, illness or condition has made it impossible for you to keep up with full-time work. David W. Kapor & Associates in Cincinnati represents members of trade unions who have become unable to work because of injuries or medical conditions.
Union members including the following are often susceptible to physical impairments because of the demands of their jobs:
  •  Pipefitters 
  •  Carpenters
  •  Ironworkers
  •  Boilermakers 
  •  Electricians 
Workers employed in these trades often face multiple stress triggers on the job. Rigorous physical demands as well as proximity to dangerous equipment, tools and machines put tradespeople at high risk of physical and mental impairments. You may be eligible for long-term disability benefits through private disability insurance that your employer has provided. You may also qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if you are unable to work full time because of an injury, illness or condition.
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