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The following are comments from some of our clients. We are proud of our winning record and providing high-quality personal service. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your options and legal rights when it comes to disability benefits, please call our office today at 513-721-2820 to schedule a free consultation.

D.P. ~ April 2013

"I would strongly recommend attorney David Kapor if applying for Social Security Disability benefits. He made everything understandable and was easy to talk to. I've already recommended him to a friend. I don't feel that anyone could've done more or done a better job." 

 D.S. ~ July 2014

"The entire office put forth a maximum effort and was genuinely concerned about not only my legal wellness, but also my physical wellness. It may sound cliché, but Mr. Kapor was the perfect fit for my legal and personal needs. I would not have been able to complete the legal process without his office." 

D.B. ~ October 2014

"Words cannot describe the thanks and appreciation I have. My case manager's exact words after talking to him about my situation and longtime battle with housing and income were for you to be willing to meet with me and consider taking my case, and you did. I could not have been better served. Mr. Kapor is by far the best and there should be more knowledgeable attorneys like him. What has taken way too many years, mental and physical pain and suffering, red tape, etc., Mr. Kapor managed to start, finish and achieve on my behalf in just a few months. You the Man! Thank you for making it possible before I just gave up." 

N.J. ~ March 2014

"David made me feel that he truly believed in my case and cared about me. He did everything he could to ensure I would win my case. He believed in me and knew I should win and made me feel I should win. He treated me as a person, not a case. At the hearing, he was awesome. I don't think David could have done any more than he did. Win or lose, he gave his all for me and I was thankful to have him represent me." 

C.J. ~ May 2014

"Mr. Kapor from the beginning was GREAT and knowledgeable. My husband and I felt at ease knowing that Mr. Kapor was on our side to help us through this. If not for him, I don't think I would have been approved for disability benefits. Another lawyer wouldn't have done as well as he did. Every time I needed to ask him a question or wasn't sure of something, he answered me back as soon as possible and always explained his answer so I could understand it. We want to thank him for all his hard work and staying through this whole ordeal and helping us get disability for me even though it was tough and a long process. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who was in my shoes; he is the best and more than qualified to handle it!" 

H.P. ~ November 2014

"Mr. Kapor, thank you! Kaitlyn was so nice and helpful and made us so at ease. Thank you so much for all your help, we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. Very understanding, helpful and all around just nice people." 

E.H. ~ September 2013

"Mr. Kapor was very 'matter of fact' and spoke plainly, but in a way that I understood. The interaction was that of a couple of friends, in which one is looking out for the other. I really felt like he cared about me and the outcome. I don't think anything could have been done better. Well, maybe not so many stairs to his office!" 

C.H. ~ May 2013

"Another lawyer told me he thought he could win my case, but ... he was 100 percent sure if he sent me to Mr. David Kapor, Esq. (Attorney at Law), I would win! He was right! The service I received from David was above and beyond what I expected. It would be a better world with more lawyers like David Kapor. Thanks to a great man with a great staff behind him." 

K.H. ~ December 2014

"Kaitlyn, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me out. You're awesome and I really can't thank you enough." 

L.H. ~ October 2014

"I needed additional information after the case and Mrs. Rice returned my calls with the answers. Thank you for the service that you provided to me. I could not ask for any better." 

F.L. ~ November 2013

"Mr. Kapor was very supportive. He gave me hope and encouragement in a difficult time. I value his advice and am grateful for his guidance. Thank you for your help." 

J.L. ~ October 2014

"David Kapor was very professional, compassionate, regarding my complex situation. I would not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone in similar circumstances. I feel I have been best served in every way possible." 

K.M. ~ February 2014

"David Kapor was very professional and honest. Not your typical lawyer. He was very upfront about everything. I would recommend him to anyone. It's obvious he knows what he's doing." 

T.P. ~ August 2014

"Mr. Kapor helped me and showed me he cares in different ways and his crew. I couldn't have been served any better. Thank you for the help." 

S.S. ~ November 2014

"David knew exactly what records to get and how they should be filed. I could not have done this without him. Could not have been served any better." 
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