Social Security Disability

Disability claims lawyer in Cincinnati 

It is our privilege to serve our area communities in the area of Social Security Disability (SSD) law. If you are no longer able to work because of an injury or illness and expect to be disabled for a year or more, David W. Kapor & Associates in Cincinnati is prepared to evaluate your case in a free initial consultation. 

What is Social Security Disability?

Learn how to get real answers and timely help from a team of trained professionals. We invite your questions on these or similar SSD-related matters:
  • What is Social Security Disability (SSD)? Remove misconceptions and proceed with your application or appeal with a better understanding of the nature of SSD. 
  • Can I work while applying for disability? Discuss this very relevant question with one of our attorneys in your free initial consultation. 
  • How can I get medical treatment without insurance?Our 30-plus years of experience in the Cincinnati area can work to your advantage as you seek medical treatment and struggle over issues of cost. 
  • When do I need an SSD lawyer? Should you consult with an attorney before you apply or after your initial application is denied? 
  • Are you over age 50 with an impairment? Age does matter in many cases. If you are in this age group, let us explain how the rules apply to you. 
  • Veterans and SSD claims: Might you also qualify for disabled veterans' benefits? If so, will receiving these benefits affect your SSD benefits? 

More About the Application Process

We are here to guide you skillfully through the process of applying for SSD benefits.
  • How do I apply for Social Security Disability? The voice of experience can make a great difference as you prepare to apply for benefits. 
  • How long will the SSD application process take? We can offer general guidelines as well as point out ways to improve the likelihood that your case will receive timely attention. 
  • The appeal process: We can prepare you for your administrative hearing and represent you at that hearing. 
Applicant filling the social security disability claim form in Cincinnati, OH

Injuries and SSDI Benefits

 Work with an attorney who understands medical aspects of an injury or medical condition (physical or mental) as well as legal aspects of an SSD case.
  • What is a mental impairment? Does anxiety count? How about depression? 
    • Bipolar disorder: When does this condition make someone so impaired that he or she is unable to hold down a job? 
    • Post-traumatic stress syndrome or disorder: How will you go about documenting that PTSD interferes with your ability to work eight hours a day, five days a week? 
  • What is a physical impairment? Understand the medical aspects of your case. 
    • Cardiovascular impairments: Have you been unable to return to work since suffering a heart attack? 
    • Diabetes: Has your diabetes caused you to miss too much work? 
    • Back and neck injuries and more: Learn how we can gather strong medical evidence in support of your disability claim involving a back, neck, knee or leg injury. 
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