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It is common for people seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Cincinnati and elsewhere to encounter roadblocks. Gathering evidence to present to the Social Security Administration is a challenge. Initial denials are common. When it comes time to appeal a denied claim in an administrative hearing, it is best to work with an experienced, accomplished attorney.

Talk to an advisor

As you prepare to choose an SSD lawyer to advise and represent you, look for one with knowledge and skills you can trust as well as client-centered personal service you can depend on.

Unfortunately, not all law firms provide personal service. Many firms that practice in the area of Social Security Disability law are national law firms that handle thousands of cases at a time in courts all over the country. These firms are about volume, not personal service. The person you talk to over the phone may not be the lawyer who ends up handling your case. That's why we always tell people that they should never hire a lawyer if they can't shake his or her hand.
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Social security attorney standing in front of law books in Cincinnati, OH

About our attorneys 

We are David Kapor and Kaitlyn L. Rice, SSD lawyers based in Cincinnati. When you hire our office, you will have access to your lawyer through all phases of your case. We collaborate as needed to strengthen your case. We will meet with you in person in order to explain the disability process in language you will understand, and we will meet in person again to thoroughly prepare for your hearing. We understand that this is an unfamiliar process to those people who have worked hard all of their lives, and we work hard to make our clients feel both comfortable and prepared at every step of the process. 

We not only stand for you, we stand with you as well. We know that in-person preparation is the key to a successful claim, and a satisfied client.

What to expect

When you hire us as your lawyers, we work for you. We make it a priority to return your phone calls because when you call us with a question about your case, we understand that you need to be able to talk to the lawyer who is handling your case. We meet you in person to explain the administrative process of a Social Security Disability claim as well as all aspects of your case that are important.

We believe that the practice of law is about personal relationships. As local attorneys, we maintain good working relationships with the Social Security administrative personnel and administrative law judges who may eventually review your case. We are familiar with all the local treatment facilities and most local physicians who provide the medical documentation to support your disability claim. 

Who we represent

We represent disabled workers in the Greater Cincinnati area, including Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. The majority of the cases we handle are referred to this law firm by past clients, physicians, social service agencies, union members, hospitals and other lawyers.

Our clients have included veterans, union workers such as pipefitters, carpenters, ironworkers, boilermakers and electricians; educators, health care providers and business professionals, including retailers, accountants lawyers and even physicians themselves. They have become disabled due to mental impairments (such as PTSD) and physical impairments (such as back injuries). These disabled workers have turned to us for help obtaining SSD benefits they were eligible for.
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