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Senator questions need of "adult baby" to be on SSDI

A top U.S. Senator has asked the Social Security Administration to investigate the legitimacy of a man who receives Social Security Disability benefits and lives as an "adult baby." The man is one of many people who live as adult babies and was featured on a reality television show on the National Geographic Channel. The television episode showed the man feeding from a bottle, wearing a diaper and using an adult-sized crib.

Senator Tom Coburn's inquiry comes at a time when Congress is divided on how to solve the nation's deficit. The Senator questions the legitimacy of the man's benefits and questions whether the man should be collecting benefits instead of working. The Social Security Disability beneficiary under question is a 30-year-old man who spends his time at home in adult diapers and is taken care of by his adult, female roommate who acts as his mother.

According to the 30-year-old man, he has partially been living the adult baby lifestyle since he was a teenager. The man and his roommate caretaker, who is a former nurse, were shown on the show "Taboo." The former nurse was shown feeding the man a bottle and attending to the man's needs while in diapers. In the same episode, the man was shown building an adult-sized crib and was shown going to a hardware store to buy materials that would be used to build an adult-sized high chair. The 30-year-old man and the woman who takes care of him both receive Social Security disability payments.

According to the 30-year-old's website, the man worked as a security guard for a year and a half before mental problems and trauma from childhood abuse made it impossible for him to hold a job. He has received disability for the majority of the last ten years.

Senator Coburn questions the sincerity of the 30-year-old's benefits since the man dresses appropriately in public, drives himself to errands, builds custom furniture and runs an internet support group.

Source: The Washington Times, "Senator questions benefits to 'adult baby'," Stephen Dinan, 5/17/11

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