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Many Social Security Disability attorneys tell potential clients, "Call after your application for disability benefits has been denied." These lawyers and their law firms do not spend much time advising clients before they apply initially. At David W. Kapor & Associates in Cincinnati, however, we appreciate the opportunity to work with clients well in advance of a possible claim denial. Some applicants do succeed in getting benefits when they apply on their own. Others are denied, and at that time, we are available to appeal the denial on their behalf.

Application process 

At David W. Kapor & Associates, we have helped many clients get their disability claims granted on initial application. Others are initially denied but can file an appeal. When people coping with disabilities ask for our assistance through the Social Security application process, we offer help in a number of ways:
  • We review the many required forms before they are submitted to ensure they are correct and HELPFUL. 
  • We advise clients on time limits, documentation needed to apply for SSD benefits and the length of time it will probably take before a determination is made in their case. 
  • We prepare the claimants in advance for the Social Security consultative evaluations. 
As experienced attorneys who focus solely on Social Security Disability, we know how to help clients lay the groundwork for successful claims. We are very aggressive and proactive, giving our clients the tools needed to succeed. We understand the importance of medical documentation from our clients' treating doctors and work with those doctors as needed. We have a great deal of experience representing clients in hearings. 

David W. Kapor has lectured on the SSD, trained on the topic and is locally renowned in the area of Social Security application processes and appeals. 

How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability?

We recently received a call from a union member requesting information about how to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. The member had already been off work for nearly a year as a result of an injury. We asked the member why he had not applied sooner and the member stated that he thought he had to be off work for at least a year before applying. Unfortunately, this member was mistaken.

At David W. Kapor & Associates, we recommend applying for disability as soon as possible following the first day you are off work as a result of an injury or other medical condition.

You Can Apply Even If You Receive Benefits From Other Sources

Many disabled workers receive short-term and long-term disability benefits from their union, their pension fund, their employer or through a private insurance policy. You can still apply for — and receive — Social Security Disability benefits even though you are receiving disability benefits from other sources. In fact, the best time to apply is when you are receiving disability benefits from a private policy or other source. Doing so provides you with some income to carry you through the application process.

Many long-term disability plans require that you apply for Social Security Disability at the same time you apply for disability benefits through their plan. Most long-term disability policies also require reimbursement of a portion of their back payments to you if you are eventually granted Social Security Disability benefits. However, private policies generally credit you for any attorney fees paid in connection with your Social Security Disability claim.

How Long Will The SSD Application Process Take?

The SSD claims process can take a very long time. Our region, which includes Ohio and Northern Kentucky, has one of the highest application rates in the nation. This translates into a long wait before you can start receiving benefits.

Due to the lengthy SSD claims process, we recommend making your initial application for disability benefits as soon as possible following the first day you are off work as a result of an injury or other medical condition. An attorney's involvement can help keep delays to a minimum.

What If I Recover After Applying?

If you are able to return to work and remain at work after being off work for less than a year, you can always dismiss the application. On the other hand, if it turns out you cannot return to work at all, your application is now well ahead in the process toward a hearing. If you are able to return to work after being off for more than 12 months, you can amend your application to request a Closed Period of Disability — that is, a request for disability benefits for the year in which you were off work.
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